Tire Change

In the world of choices, Grand auto car wash also facilitates is clientele by providing a plethora of tire types and brands to choose for your vehicle. We understand the need of customers and provide them with a number of choices to opt from. At present, our facility holds the inventory of the most renowned and requested types and manufacturers. We deal in wet, snow and all-season tires. We also deal with low profile tires for most exotic car enthusiasts, here in Montreal. Whether you need a single tire replaced or all of them, you can count on our services.

Most people out there don’t know about the different types of tires and complain about the performance in snow and rain. To all those individuals out there, we have the perfect guidance as well as the inventory. We are also capable of assessing the condition of the tires, wheel alignment as well as applying punctures. Visit our shop and get the best tire services for your vehicle.


Tyre change on Rims


  • Tyre change starting price if tyres on rims

Tyre 16″ Bellow


  • Tyre change starting price

Tyre 17″ Above


  • Tyre change starting price

Tyre Repair


  • Tyre repair starting price

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