Auto Detailing

Dedicated to delivering the best apparel, Grand Auto Car Wash proudly offers car detailing services for its customers. If you have a dull colored vehicle with an enormous amount of scratches on its exterior, you must get your car detailed. Our detailing staff will perform an exterior wash to expose all those ugly looking lines and minor dents. Afterward, they’ll buff the area with specialized equipment to make scratches go away easily. They’ll compound the damaged areas with added color to make the final look similar. Once its all done, the car will be subjected to the paint protection coat. The process is more like painting, the product is sprayed over the exterior and allowed to dry for a while. Later, the overall coat is smoothened to bring a sparkling, scratch less finish.

The interior is also attended in the process. Servicemen vacuum the interior to remove all the settled dust on the seating and in the center console unit. Everything inside is then cleaned with special sprays to bring tidiness and freshness altogether. The flooring, however, is removed and washed using conventional means of pressure washing.


Polish Starting



  • Helps to eliminate surface scratches, swirls, oxidation, dirt, and other minor imperfections.

Compound Starts


$400 (SUV)

  • Using a compounding agent to remove scratches by leveling the uneven paint surface. The latter is a broader term for removing paint defects and applying wax and sealant for protection.
  • 50$ scratches removal (starting)

Mags Polish


$80 (SUV)

  • Remove oxidation and rust on mags and restores the color.

Polishing Head Lights

$30 each starting

  • For all

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